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It's about the stuff you want. The stuff you don't have yet. The kind of stuff that people send you out to get. People like your boss. Or your significant other.

The stuff you need help to get or to get done.

I make stuff. I do stuff. Interesting stuff. You want stuff.

Maybe we should talk.

A littleBits based, self-contained, eye-blink mechanism for soft puppets.


I like making music and to do that you need instruments.


Sometimes I make my own.

I also produce record

albums for folks.

Sometimes I do patently ridiculous stuff like make historically accurate English banknotes for puppet characters to spend somewhere.....

.....on their miniature matinis.

There's the occasional alien landscape for photographers

shooting for toy companies....

......or just for myself.

Oh yeah, and I also design the odd and end monster for local school productions.

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